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The Australian Jazz Convention (AJC) has a co-operative arrangement with the Australian Jazz Museum to house within their premises at Wantirna, all archival material relating to the AJC.  With the recent purchase of computer software by the Trustees it is the intention to soon commence entering all AJC archival items into a database.


Website: www.ajm.org.au


The Australian Jazz Convention archivist is:


Mr. Don Anderson

12 Homewood Court,

Rosanna. Vic. 3084


Ph: 03 9459 1008

Email: archives@australianjazzconvention.org.au


Items for Sale


Cash and Cheque Purchases can be made through Don & Margaret Anderson, as stated above.


You can also email originaltunes@australianjazzconvention.org.au for the purchase of books and payment by direct debit through your bank account.




The Winners! of The Australian Jazz Convention
1946 - 1998 Original Tunes Competition.

The Archive has a book of the winners of the Original tunes competition of the Australian Jazz Convention from 1946 to 1998 for sale at A$ 25.00 each. The booklet contains the complete music and chords to 58 original Australian compositions.   

There are also two “Winners!” CD’s which complement the book @ A$ 15.00 each. These CD’s were recorded by Herb Jennings “Golden City Jazz Band” plus guests.

Australia Wide Postage & Handling for one or both itesm A$ 7.00

Available from the Archivist or on-line.  

AJC Original Tunes Competition Compositions, Volume 1

This book contains the 29 Original Tunes submitted for judging at the 50th Australian Jazz Convention’s Original Tunes Competition in 1995. Due to the large number of entries the Organisers decided to have each entrant submit their tune on the cassette tape provided along with their manuscript, thus these tunes were never “Officially” Performed at an Australian Jazz Convention. These tunes are colour printed from those manuscripts & cassettes containing the full melody, chords, lyrics & composer’s comments.


These book is only A$20.00 each plus A$7.00 Australia Wide Postage & Handling.

Available from the Archivist or on-line.


AJC Original Tunes Competition Compositions, Volume 2

This book contains the 30 Original Tunes submitted for Judging for the Original Tunes Competition at the 48th Australian Jazz Convention 1993, the 56th Australian Jazz Convention 2001, and the 61st Australian Jazz Convention 2006, all of which were held in Adelaide, South Australia. These tunes are colour printed from the original manuscripts that were submitted and contain the full melody line, chords, lyrics & composer's directions.
This book is only A$20.00 each plus A$7.00 Australia wide Postage & Handling.
Available from the Archivist or on-line.

AJC Original Tunes Competition Compositions, Volume 3

Featuring the 26 Original Tunes that were submitted for Judging during the:


63rd Australian Jazz Convention – Lismore 2008,
64th Australian Jazz Convention – Melbourne 2009,

65th Australian Jazz Convention – Orange 2010, &
66th Australian Jazz Convention – Bundaberg 2011.


All tunes are printed in Lead Sheet Format with coloured highlighting of repeat bars and [A] & [B] Stanzas for easy sight-reading by all musicians.


Purchase Volume 3  for only A$30.00 from the AJC Archivist splus postage & handling of A$10.00 via email to 'donmarganderson@bigpond.com'.


This publication is proudly sponsored by APRA/AMCOS    


AJC Original Tunes Competition Compositions, Volume 4

This book contains the 11 Original Tunes submitted for Judging at the 55th AJC Original Tunes Competition 2000, held at Forbes NSW, and the 10 original tunes submitted for judging at the 67th AJC Original Tunes Competition 2012, held again at Forbes NSW.


Yo can purchase Volume 4 from the AJC Archives table at the 69th AJC 2014 at Swan Hill, Victoria's Trade Fair for only $25.00, or after the Convention plus $10.00 via email to the AJC Archivists 'donmarganderson@bigpond.com'.